Random updates

It seems that my muse has taken some sort of unplanned early Christmas vacation, because I’ve been completely uninspired lately.  Still, I feel obliged to stay true to my commitment to one post per week so that my loyal follower is not disappointed, so today’s offering is a few updates and some random tidbits.

To update some previous posts, I have managed to finish the family Christmas letter and am generally pleased with the results.  It will be easy to see what I was focused on when inspiration struck.  Loyal reader CR (your second citation in a blog, I believe) received a preview copy and claimed to like it.  The rest of you who are on our Christmas card list will just have to wait patiently.  Try to bear the suspense as best you can.

In another update, no, the mitten woman never showed up to claim her mitten and I haven’t seen her on the bus since, but I’m still carrying her damn mitten in my backpack.  This is especially irritating to me because I keep LOOKING for her on the bus which is severely interfering with my bus naps.  I haven’t given up hope, though.

In the world around us, the Palestine nation was given increased status at the UN and the Israelis chose to celebrate by starting new housing projects in disputed territory.   Normally this would be enough for a blog post of its own but my muse is sick and tired of the staggering abundance of bullshit in the Middle East and can’t be bothered with it.  Besides, it’s Hannukah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Holiday and not a time to focus on politics.

Locally, we got our Christmas tree up last night and the spirit of the season is running rampant.  Well, with me, at least.  I don’t see a lot of it elsewhere in the house but for some reason I seem to have enough this year for everyone.

In tech news, I’m addicted to a game called FTL for the PC (thanks, Robin) and have addicted my sons, too, so we’re all playing together.  An unusual occurrence and one to be relished.   I found some really amazing free video editing software called Wax that doesn’t run properly on any machine in the house except Zach’s laptop, and I found some really cool free time-lapse stitching software that doesn’t actually produce any output.  As a result I’m left with 3 videos and 1400 still pictures of the tree assembly process that I can’t do anything with.  Technology is an amazing thing, but today it sucks.

That’s it.  Apologies for the poor quality and the rambling, but I blame it on my muse, in absentia.  Have a great day.


One thought on “Random updates

  1. Carreen

    Through the humble mitten God has you hooked on being concerned for the bemused woman. Keep her in your prayers. Odd how things work. Send some of your Christmas cheer westward. I must ready the house for incoming relatives and could benefit from the energy.


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