2012 is over

As the clock runs out on the period of time arbitrarily designated 2012 and the world appears to be relatively unchanged despite all the apocalyptic hoopla I’ll bow to conformity and offer up a review / preview post.  I’m overdue for a post anyway and this is the only topic I can think of to write about at the moment.  This is what happens when you commit to a strict writing schedule; occasionally you have to force it a bit.

2012 was an average year personally but a general disappointment generally.  Any year featuring a presidential election is already off to a bad start and ending it with an elementary school massacre is guaranteed to get a bad grade, but there was definitely some good stuff, too.  The Curiosity rover’s successful landing that would have made Rube Goldberg proud.  Felix Baumgartner’s over-commercialized yet still pretty damn cool skydive from space.  In cycling, an Englishman winning the Tour de France (following it up by peeing correctly and not getting thrown out), and a Canadian winning the Gyro d’Italia.  In soccer, Man City’s dramatic victory in the English Premier League.  In science, the discovery (probably) of the Higgs boson.  Politically, gains in equal rights for same-sex couples and increasing recognition that the war on marijuana was lost 25 years ago.  In entertainment, the new Bond movie and (so I’m told) the new Hobbit flick, plus the stunning and sudden end to the career of Justin Bieber following his self-exile to Tazmania*.  Still, despite these highlights, I give 2012 a C-.  It didn’t really have much potential to begin with and made little effort to live up to those low expectations.

2013 doesn’t appear to have much more going for it than 2012 did.  This shouldn’t be much of a surprise since New Year’s Day is not, in fact, some sort of magical Day of Rebooting.  I don’t do New Years resolutions so instead I’ll go out on a limb and make a few predictions for 2013.  The US will remain sharply divided, deeply afraid, stunningly angry, and far more inclined to talk (or even shout) rather than listen.  The troublemakers on the world’s political stage such as Syria, Israel, Palestine, Iran, and North Korea will continue to lurch along unfettered by international opinion.  The self-appointed powers for good will continue to struggle against the powers of “we’re not evil we’re just misunderstood”.   The Mayans will forever continue to be wrong, even if the world ends in 2013.  No claiming that they “forgot to carry the one” or any of that crap.  Society will continue to slowly evolve to the dismay of both those trying to change it and those resisting the change while those in the middle sit and watch and hopefully wonder at the amazing complexity of it all.  Computer games will continue to erode my attention span, leaving me

As I sit here with my family and some new friends, playing cards, laughing, and mercilessly taunting each other, it becomes obvious that time is a continuum, not a series of stages, and New Years Eve is a night like any other.  The circle of life will carry on oblivious of the notion of calendar.  Here’s wishing you the strength and wisdom to make the very best of all the good and bad that “2013” will inevitably offer you.

* I know, I know, but please… just leave it alone.  It looks so cool, sitting there on the page like it was real…


One thought on “2012 is over

  1. Heather

    I am reminded by this post of your thoughts/theories as to how infants perceive the world around them and it’s effect on them (the center of the universe). Your concept that the only reality that exists for them, in between naps, is, simply put, “now”. They have no concept of much of anything outside themselves, so their world boils down to whether all is well now. Hungry? Not a good now. Wet. Not so much. Full, warm, being snuggled by someone who smells and sounds familiar? Really good “now”. Based on that concept, may the vast majority of your “now” in 2013 be warm, comfortable, and generally good.


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