Another droning post

I promise that I won’t turn this blog into a monotonous series of posts on US drone policy, but another militant leader has been killed by drones inside the Pakistan border today and I’m really pissed off about it.  Pakistan may be, too, because this guy was working in cooperation with the Pakistani government to redirect the efforts of the local Taliban against US soldiers in Afghanistan (irritating the US, obviously) and away from meddling inside Pakistan itself (not irritating to Pakistan at all).  One country’s militant target is another country’s defender in this complicated region that we’ve gotten ourselves tangled in.

The policy of assassination by remote control inside the borders of foreign nations is illegal, immoral, goes against everything that America says it stands for, and is staggeringly corrosive to the image of the US abroad.   It is also the easiest part of the “war on terrorism” to reverse because it doesn’t require the extraction of thousands of troops.  All it requires is for the President to stop approving the attacks, and that starts with your phone call or email to your representative.

Okay, I’m done with drones now, I swear.


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