Blog imbalance

You may have noticed a bit of an imbalance toward political ranting and a distinct lack of funny bits around here lately, and you’d be right.  The plain facts are that there are a lot of political things going on, my muse seems to have taken an unplanned vacation, and there just hasn’t been much funny stuff happening.  I tried to turn the stress of holiday travel with a family of four and suitcases filled with gifts like hardback books and poker sets into a quick post but I just couldn’t make it work out.   I tried to churn out a funny piece about re-entering the land of the documented living after losing my wallet on a ski trip but again, no dice.  In fact, the only recent event that has any comedic potential at all was my attempt yesterday to get a new battery for my watch.  The jeweler was very nice, complimented me on having a nice watch, complimented me on having a high-quality fake watch when I pointed out that it was a forgery, and told me that I’d gotten it for about 1/3 the price that good quality fakes are getting in these parts.  He was especially nice as he pointed out that the good-quality fake watch that I was attempting to get a new battery for was a self-winding watch that in fact needs no battery at all.  Just the sort of moment that I could turn into a quick 750 words to make you all laugh, but alas, the muse did not cooperate.  So you’re stuck reading this instead.  I’d apologize, but it’s not my fault.


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