blog 2.0

I’m pleased to introduce you to version 2.0 of my blog. There will be many similarities to the old blog.  There will still be random stories that amuse me and if they amuse you too, well, that’s an unexpected bonus.   There will still be random political rants whenever I can lift myself far enough out of my despair of mankind’s future to bother ranting.  There will be lots of sarcasm. In fact, careful observers will find few if any differences at all and are welcome to feel betrayed and ripped off by my use of the 2.0 label to lure you in.   On the other hand, it’s free so really, how ripped off are you going to feel? There will be more nerdy stuff and maybe more gaming-related stuff but that depends on how much I’m willing to alienate my core reader. I’ll make you a deal. If you give me feedback I promise to personally give it full consideration. Let’s see Arianna Huffington offer that deal to HER readers.

The two major differences in 2.0 are that I’m removing my self-imposed “at least one post per week” rule, posting whenever I darn well please, and that I’m going to allow myself to repost stuff from other sources that I find interesting.  That’s about the only changes I see coming.  Well, other than actually posting stuff at all, of course, which will be a dramatic change right there.

There are a number of reasons that I stopped writing, none of which will be discussed in a public forum. When a few of my recent blurbs on Facebook got a healthy number of “likes” it went straight to my head and made me start thinking about resurrecting this forum to air my nonsense and see if anyone was actually interested in reading it. To help decide, I made a list of reasons to write a blog along with detailed analysis of whether it is a good reason or a bad one.

  •  “My political views are worth reading” – bad reason, obviously.
  • “I can help people see different viewpoints” – terrible reason, no one is interested in differing viewpoints.
  • “I’ll become famous and people will love me” – terrible idea. I’m loved by a nice assortment of people already and famous people have to put up with photographers following them into the bathroom.
  • “I’ll show people amazing new things that prove that the world is a really cool place” – Puh-LEEZE.  Bad idea.
  • “I’ll brighten peoples lives by making them smile” – good intentions, terrible way to try to accomplish it. I’d get better results by sending people random YouTube links via email.  Come to think of it, I do that already.

There are more of these but I’m tired of typing them and the point is that they are all uniformly rotten ideas. Rarely have I compiled a list of reasons so heavily weighted toward the “con” side. In fact, I can confidently state that the only time I have ever helped create a pro/con list that was this negative was when my wife and I were deciding whether to have kids or not. After failing to come up with one single good reason to have children we promptly had 2 sons and it all worked out fine.  I see no reason to let an endless series of bad reasons stop me.

So, to all the parakeets whose cages this would be lining if it was the print edition, welcome to version 2.0 of the blog.


2 thoughts on “blog 2.0

  1. Nicole

    Finely! I have wondered if I got black listed from 1.0!!! Glad to see you back, especially after your “My Mama Says” series of posts last week had me rolling, and reading them to my own family!

  2. aitchd

    Yay! You nmay not believe this, but just last week I was wondering when you would find the time to post again. I think I express the opinion of may of you readers (I won’t presume so far as to say all) she I say I look forward to your posts. More often than not they make me think, and they nearly always make me laugh! Despite your typical self-deprecation, I think several of your reasons to blog are good, but not the get-famous option–who wants paparazzi in the bathroom? Looking forward to future posts!


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