Great.  Just great.  Only my second post back from self-imposed exile and I’m already going to go all bat-crap-crazy political on you.  I’d apologize but I’m too pissed off to care and if I don’t write this post my head will probably explode.  If you’re just here to laugh, skip this post.  If you dislike profanity, skip this post.  If you want rational discourse or a coherent train of thought, skip this post.  If you want something to be optimistic about, skip this post and follow this link instead.  If you’re still here, brace yourself.

America has lost it’s goddamn mind.  There’s no getting around it.  Completely torn between “us” and “them”, between red states and blue states, between liberal and conservative, the entire country has completely lost its identity and has completely lost sight of everything… and I mean EVERY GODDAMN THING… that really matters.  I’ve been working toward this conclusion for a while but the straw that broke the camel’s back was a recent story that stated that there had been 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook incident 18 months ago.  Was this a liberal attack on gun rights?  Of course it was, and the conservatives reacted accordingly.  One journalist admirably took a deeper look at the data and his results were reported this way by a conservative website:

Charles Johnson, a freelance journalist, first began looking into the shooting incidents cited by Everytown for Gun Safety. After cross-referencing all of the incidents listed by Everytown with local news reports, he claimed that only seven of the 74 shootings were what he would consider classical cases of school shootings similar to the one at Sandy Hook or Tuesday’s incident in Oregon.

Hooray!  A victory for statistical accuracy and a rebuttal of the liberal agenda… but wait.  Wait just a damn minute.  Accepting this conservative position at face value still gives us the following results:

  • There have been 7 classical school shootings in just 18 months since Sandy Hook.
  • Worse, there have been enough school shootings in general that we’ve been able to define a “classical case”
  • The other 67 cases, regardless of what the hell you want to call them, STILL HAPPENED and they all involved the discharge of a firearm in a school that had students in it.

I’m not pissed off about gun control or the lack of it, I’m pissed off that one of the greatest nations on earth cannot decide how many goddamn guns have to go off in schools before the guns become more important that partisan victories.  Still, partisan fixation is only one symptom of America’s insanity, just the thin outer layer of my white-hot ball of rage.  There’s plenty more.

  •  I’m pissed off that the CIA recently had to publicly announce that they would no longer be inserting agents into foreign vaccination teams attempting to halt disease in the hope that this would stop attacks on the teams and allow the resumption of actually vaccinating people.  All those attacks on vaccination teams by paranoid wingnuts who claimed they were a front for spies, well, those wingnuts weren’t paranoid, they were right.
  • I’m pissed off because we’ve lost sight of law and order and a nation that claims to support trial by jury has no qualms about killing foreign suspects in their own country with flying robots, but I’ve said enough about that here, and here, and here.
  • I’m pissed off that America has spent so much time showing support for the troops that they so richly deserve and so little time asking why they were deployed, what they were supposed to accomplish, whether it was all really worth it, and how many new enemies they’ve made in the past 10 years.
  • I’m pissed off that America has seen fit to treat other nations like pawns on a chessboard, manipulating them with callous disregard for the welfare of their citizens to satisfy the short-term interest of the United States and then follow that up with the unmitigated gall and pig-ignorance to wonder why those nations hate the United States.
  • I’m pissed off that science has gone from exciting and wonderful to scary and hard.
  • I’m pissed off that Americans seem to think that all they have to do is believe that America is the best country in the world and it will be so, completely ignoring mounting evidence to the contrary.
  • I’m pissed off that there seems to be no way to curb the rampant greed that is eroding the American middle class, and that the 1% are some how going to be stunned and surprised when the shit really hits the fan.
  • I’m pissed off that the United States (and the West in general, after reconstruction) emerged from WWII with the power to change the world and make it a better place for every single human on the planet and they’ve completely and utterly pissed it away.

But even these, all of these, they’re just the the middle layers of my glowing rage.  The core, the absolute core of my anger and bitter disappointment can be summed up in one sentence.There’s not one fucking thing I can do to fix any of those things.

That’s it, that’s the crux of the problem right there.   I can only see two solutions to this problem, both of which are really great solutions, equally effective, and readily available.  In fact, I can’t choose which of them is better, so I leave it to you to help me out.  Which solution should I choose, alcohol or morphine?


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