Weekend Almanac #2

A list of stuff that captured my attention this week.

  • Does anything make a better subject for time-lapse photography than hot air balloons?  Of course not.
  • I’m currently fascinated by the PC game Crusader Kings II.  It’s about political intrigue in the middle ages but the goal isn’t to conquer the map. Instead, the focus is on extending and continuing your personal dynasty.  The level of detail is staggering, and more than a little daunting.
  • An interesting look at how violence is currency in prison and how this mirrors society as a whole.  Don’t let the title fool you, the article is not really about weapons at all.  (Warning: The article describes acts of violence somewhat graphically.  Of more concern, perhaps, is the casual way it does so.  You’ve been warned.)
  • They’re making a movie featuring the minions from the Despicable Me series.  No Gru, just the minions.  I can’t wait.  Here’s the trailer.

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