Weekend Almanac #4

I wonder how long I’m going to bother with numbering these lists?  Regardless, here’s this week’s stuff.

  • Graham Hughes holds the world record for most countries visited without flying.   How many?  ALL OF THEM, plus a few wanna-bees.  He made a video of 1 second’s worth of each country.  And just in case new ones appear (South Sudan, for example) he also traveled home from the last one without flying so he can continue the streak if he needs to.   His website is here.
  • Think the abortion issue is a modern one?  Hardly.  This article discusses how we’ve been struggling with it for over a thousand years.
  • Two roller-coaster related links appeared on my screen this week which is a clear sign that I should share them.  One exists and has a gimmick at the top of the first hill and one hasn’t been built yet.
  • Two amateurs are nearing completion on their scene-by-scene replica of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  This is the story of their 33-year long project.  Long article but definitely worth reading.



5 thoughts on “Weekend Almanac #4

  1. aitchd

    Rollerdoasters. Soooo want do ride both of those!! The as-yet-to be built one is definitely a get-your-moneys-worth kind of roller coasters, even will all the POV repeats in their demonstration video.

    1. feingarden Post author

      I didn’t begrudge them their POV repeats because I think they were showing each section of track twice, once from the rider’s perspective and once from the outside view. Regardless, I don’t think I’d ride the second one. Those outside corners would be too much, plus, you know, heights. The tilty one… maybe. Just maybe.

  2. aitchd

    Abortifacients. Fascinating article, While I could stand on my soapbox for hours regarding a woman’s right to control her own body, regardless of religious or political institutions, it is my firm stance that no man should have any say in the legalities of birth control or pregnancy. I know, I know, fathers parental rights, etcetera, but if you want to have kids and are distressed that the woman you are having sex with doesn’t, avoid the potential heartbreak by using condoms. All the damn time. Do not use patriarchal morality or the law to force an unwilling woman to go through pregnancy and childbirth. Conversely, if a woman really doesn’t want to get pregnant, the same use-a-condom rule applies to them. All this talk about “my body, might right” starts right from the beginning. If you are willing to take full responsibility for your body, then be a grown up and take care of birth control. I will step away from my brief soapbox rant (yes, this was brief) by saying, don’t even get me started on pregnancies resulting from rape.

    I believe that in a world where men could get pregnant, birth control and abortion would NEVER EVEN BE A SUBJECT FOR DISCUSSION, political or religious, and even Hobby Lobby would blithely pay for birth control. I find it ironic that science seems to have no interest in developing a safe, effective, male birth control pill, but by golly now you get Cialis for Daily Use,so the boys can get a hard-on “any time the moment is right.” Okay, rant over. I promise.

    1. feingarden Post author

      I… I don’t really know where to start. It’s such a complex issue and you make so many points and I’m so tired after a long Monday at work… I think that abortion should be legal and should not be a form of contraception. I have no idea how to legislate that, any more than I have any idea how to legislate responsible driving, responsible use of firearms, or responsible use of alcohol. It’s a crazy, complicated world, and laws don’t make people behave properly.

      1. aitchd

        Yeah, and I kind of went all Roseanne Rosannadanna on the subject. I hope I wasn’t to subtle, you know, folks not being able to tell that this is a little bit of a hot-button, use-some-common-sense issues for me. See, I even managed to not capitalize whole words this time. 😉

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