Weekend Almanac #5 (Thanksgiving edition)

Well, American Thanksgiving, to be precise.  No rest for ol’ Feingarden, though, because he chose to live in a strange country where Thanksgiving comes before Halloween.  Tirelessly he marches on, bringing you new links for your reading pleasure.

  • Don’t bother to complain about your holiday travel nightmares unless you had to push your own plane in -52C weather.
  • Neither executive order controversies or complaints about the commercialization of Thanksgiving are new.  In fact, in 1939 the two issues came together to create two separate Thanksgivings.
  • No list of Thanksgiving links would be complete without a few deep-fried turkey disasters.
  • One of the things that I’m thankful for is the music of Pink Floyd, whose album “The Wall” turns 35 years old today.  I still think of it as “the new one”.
  • Those last two items were pretty weak so you can now give thanks that there are no more links this week.

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