Weekend Almanac #6

The Weekend Almanac pickings this week are as lean as a stripped Thanksgiving turkey carcass.

  • An entertaining description of what it was like to be a female sportswriter in 1992.  I’m not sure that things have changed much.  (Adult content warning.)
  • A lot of talk lately about police shootings.  Here’s a story about a guy who is trying to document them all and the walls he’s running into.  I think the larger question we need to start asking is why the government deserves respect when it doesn’t respect it’s own laws.
  • More space news this week with the first flight of the Orion spacecraft.  A short flight of two orbits and two trips through the Van Allen radiation belts to test the shielding.  All went well.
  • It is December now so you can listen to holiday music and watch holiday music videos  completely guilt-free.  You can also watch the video of oddest duet in the history of Christmas music.  The interesting backstory here and here.

One thought on “Weekend Almanac #6

  1. aitchd

    We always watched the Bing Crosby specials, Mom and Dad were fans, he was a pop star of their era, not to mention a local boy, relatively speaking (if you count Spokane as local). The most detailed part of any of his specials I remember was this duet with David Bowie. At 12, I was only just aware of David Bowie, but knew he was certainly not of the same musical style as Bing. I was fascinated by listening to two such very, very different singers, performing together more than just vocal harmonies, but a blend a voices that was truly unique, yet very enjoyable. Thanks for the memory Mark!


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