Weekend Almanac #7

Stuff and more stuff.  Not sure why, but I detect a distinct holiday theme this time around.

  • The people at NATS, Britain’s air traffic controllers, have a knack for making cool videos and also a sense of humour when it comes to Christmas.  Put the two together and you have this video of the European portion of Santa’s journey.  (I can’t link directly to the video itself,  but it’s currently the top one on their page.  The rest of their stuff is pretty cool, too.)
  • Some new research shows that bacteria poop might someday be able to help you eat less over the holidays, and not in the ways that “bacteria poop” would make seem obvious.
  • The classic movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (as loved by Feingarden as it is hated by Mrs. Feingarden) originally started as a short story by John Hughes titled “Christmas ’59“.  Ignore the post-war-era racism and laugh yourself silly.
  • How do you top the classic YouTube video of the Christmas lights dancing to “Wizards in Winter”?  Let’s see, you could, I dunno, maybe bring in the neighbors?  And add a quadcopter?  With a camera?  Yes, you could do all of that and this would be the result.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Almanac #7

  1. aitchd

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story of Christmas ’59, and I, like Mrs. Feingarden, don’t really care for the movie version of the story. The new version of the Christmas light is just amazing, and I would be curious to see if it is as amazing from the perspective of that car that was driving back and forth. What I really want to know, however, is when we are going to see the synchronized Christmas lights show from Casa de Feingarden, and what music it would be set to?

    1. feingarden Post author

      Synchronized lighting is beyond my budget and nerd skills so you’re unlikely to ever see them here. Besides, these folks have nailed it and set the bar high enough that I could never come up with something I’d be satisfied with. This also means I don’t have to think about what music I’d synchronize them to. A cop out, yes, but an honest one.


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