Weekend Almanac #8

Without the constraint of a “theme” the number of links is huge this week.  You can decide for yourself whether that’s good or bad.

  • Huffington Post has named “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” as their Show of the Year for 2014.  If you haven’t seen John Oliver before then you really should and the link ties in to several of his best episodes.  Warning: He’s liberal, he’s profane, he’s sarcastic, and he’s a lot like John Stewart but as Huffington points out he has the advantage of being able to react with more deliberation since his show is weekly.  You may not agree with him but he should definitely make you think.
  • I found a fun internet clock that converts the current time into a color code and displays the color as the background.  The result is kinda hypnotic.
  • The folks at AirBnB put together a single-scene ad that is part model train and part Rube Goldberg machine.  This really deserves a “making of” video.
  • Did you know that the Panama Canal is being expanded?  Yep, it sure is, and this week they started installing the gates on the new locks.  The new gate is 10 meters wide, 30 meters high, and weighs 3,200 tons.  And you thought your screen door was a pain to hang.
  • The story is just coming out that a pipeline explosion in Turkey way back in ’08 was actually the result of a hacking attack.  The story also includes a map showing why this matters to the US, specifically their 2.7 million total miles of pipelines.
  • Having introduced my kids to video games at an early age, and done a few experiments of my own on them, I really found this article about a dad who made his kid learn computer games from the beginning to be pretty neat.

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