Weekend Almanac #9

It has been a festive holiday week here on planet Feingarden, so festive in fact that I haven’t done very much surfing.  As a result, the list of links this week is pretty weak.  To make matters worse, I’m making a concerted effort to suppress my cynicism during the holidays so I’m filtering out links about strife, corruption, and basic human indecency.  There’s not a lot left, so … mongooses!

  • Mongooses + ball pit = genius.
  • When you see a headline like “The boat that landed on a roof and saved 59 people” you read the story.
  • “Smarter Every Day” shows why spaghetti never breaks cleanly into two pieces.  This is of interest to me because I always figured I was doing something wrong.

That’s it.  Sorry it’s so short this week but I’m on vacation.


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