Weekend Almanac #10

Welcome to the new year!  Let’s see if I can start it off with some quality links.

  • A story about a reporter who nearly missed the Great Rose Bowl Prank of 1960.  Here are more details about the prank itself, which involved altering 2,232 instruction sheets by hand in the days before automation.
  • If you like looking at things in the sky like eclipses and meteors and stuff, here’s a handy guide to all of the main viewing opportunities in 2015.
  • I’ve been holding this for a while but the US courts decided that it is not an illegal search if you invite the FBI agents into your hotel room.  Because they’re dressed like maintenance staff.  The maintenance staff you called to fix the Internet.  The Internet that they cut off so you’d call maintenance.
  • In related news, the spy folks responded to a Freedom of Information Act request and released a report of all the policy violations they’ve committed in the past dozen years or so.  It appears that they didn’t want to upset anyone over the holidays.  That must be the reason they released it at noon on Christmas Eve, right?
  • In breaking news, they’ve discovered the tomb of a previously unknown queen in Egypt.  Having had her initial moment of fame roughly 4,500 years ago, she’s in the news again.  Hopefully the Kardashians won’t reappear in the far future, but in case they do I’ll just apologize on behalf of western culture now.
  • To end things on a light note, take a walk on some clear ice.



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