Weekend Almanac #11

It seems like the theme this week is “good news from the world of health” which is very ironic because I’m laid up with a bad back.  Life’s sense of humor works that way sometimes.  On to the links…

  • I’ve heard about the islands that China is building to expand their territorial claims in the South China Sea before, but this article focuses on a Philippine crew who are blockaded and cannot go home any more.
  • The discovery of an amazing new batch of antibiotics was announced, the first such discovery in about 40 years and a real game-changer for some doomsayers.
  • Researchers at Stanford announced the discovery of a likely cause of Alzheimer’s though they’re not really on the path of a treatment just yet.
  • At least one member of a small clinical trial group in Seattle reports amazing success in his battle with MS thanks to a combination of chemotherapy drugs and stem cell therapy.
  • For those non-gamers in the crowd, Minecraft is a game that lets you make anything you want out of blocks of raw materials.  It’s just like Lego was back before it was shipped with exactly the parts you needed and instructions to follow, it is one of the best games currently available to foster creativity in kids, and it’s probably deserving of its own post.  Until I get around to that you’ll just have to content yourself with a story about a person who took their vegetarian views into the game with them.

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