Weekend Almanac #12

We have some reader contributions this week.  Without further ado, the links…

  • The growing belief that all terrorists are Muslim is simply not true as this article points out.  (h/t TBH)
  • I’m getting tired of documenting the ways that intelligence agencies are blatantly exceeding their mandate and are clearly going to keep doing so.  Therefore, this link to a report by an NSA-led panel that determines that there is no viable alternative to mass data collection on everyone will be the last link of this type for a while.  It’s pretty clear that the gorilla is gonna win this one.  As a parting shot, I’ll point out that all of my links on this subject have been from foreign sources, especially The Guardian.  Pretty much sums it up.
  • On a lighter note, here is a fascinating link to some research on how to raise smart kids.  I really wish I’d seen this 15 years ago.  Or that my parents had read it 45 years ago, for that matter.  (h/t to Mrs. Feingarden)
  • And to finish with a chuckle, this is without question the best underwater video ever taken by a radio-controlled airplane.  Yes, I said underwater and airplane.



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