This is a blog about geopolitics, humor (often in the same post), technology, sports, music, games, life, books, culture, and anything else I damn well please.  It will almost certainly contain some adult content and some of the sites that I plan to link to are not suitable for reading at work (“NSFW” in the current vernacular) or possibly anywhere else either.  While I assume that we can all act like adults around here, I’ll still flag some of the racier stuff with a NSFW label for two reasons.  One, it will make it easier for the young adults I know to ignore the stuff that tries to make them think and go straight to the naughtier stuff just to piss off their parents.  Two, it will make it easier for my mother and the more conservative folks that I’m privileged to know to avoid the naughty stuff completely so that they can continue (?) to respect me.

I have several goals for this blog.  I’d like to give people new things to think about and get new things to think about in return from them.  I’d like to make you laugh, and periodically I will blatantly sacrifice accuracy, tact, and good taste in the attempt.  I’d like to make this that rarest of things, a place on the Internet where reasonable, respectful political dialogue can take place.  One source of inspiration for me are political opinion pieces that are long on rhetoric and short on facts, and I’ll occasionally be linking to one and dissecting it in my own way but I promise that I’ll use more tact when responding to well-intentioned and thoughtful posts from readers.

I encourage you to participate.  For now, I’ve set things up so that anyone can comment on a post (I think, this WordPress interface is about as intuitive as a bicycle is to a penguin) and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.  I’d rather spend my time writing than moderating, editing, banning, and all those other things that blog admins complain about until they rage-quit and kill the blog completely.

So, welcome!  Come in, take a look around, find something that you find interesting, and weigh in on it.



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